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Empowering the poor & needy through:

1. Community Mobilisation

  • Engaging the society by encouraging them to come forward and join hands for this noble cause by educating and informing them about the unused medicines getting wasted at their households. Our attempt is to bring both human and non-human resources together into action in order to achieve sustainable development.

2. Encourage more and more to contribute

  • By organising various awareness campaigns across Rural INDIA
  • Taking the Baba Ji’s thoughts further to various Universities/ colleges & schools, engaging them to donate unused medicines & equipments
  • By asking help from Corporate’s to boost the sense to donate under their corporate social responsibility.

3. Medicine Distribution Centres

  • Operational Medicine Mother Hub (Uttam Nagar) and various other medicine distribution centres across Delhi & other states of India.

4. Strategically placed DropBoxes

  • Our team is continuously focusing and marking possible areas across country where we install MEDICINE DROP BOXES so that the donor can donate at his place without hindrance and a dedicated team member of our organisation regularly visits and collects the donated medicines.

5. Mobile distribution centers

  • We are coming up with an idea to bring Mobile medicine bank at the locality/doorstep of the needy. This action will enable us to reach masses in rural and more economically week areas. Where getting medicines at their place is still a DREAM for them.

6. Pick & Drop facility

  • The magnitude of the task taken by our organisation to collect and distribute unused medicines leads us to create easiness for our donors and receivers and keeping the same in mind we have tie-ups with Courier Company who reaches your doorstep within 48 hours.

7. Regularly Co-Ordinating with relief camps & charitable hospitals for distribution

  • Our dedicated team works effortlessly by coordinating with charitable hospitals and various relief camps across India and provide them the backup of medicines.

8. HAND IN HAND with other NGO’s

  • “Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light” – Norman B. Rice
  • We have collaborations with many of recognised Ngo’s & trust like KHALSA AID. Our hand shaking policy makes the progess smooth as along with our parallel partners we reach to more and more and provide best possible medical help to the one in need.